Fodder albuminous mixture made on the basis of wheat bran

The mission of the company is the production of high-quality and low-cost feed additive and mixed fodder for agricultural animals, birds, fish and fur animals.

Fodder albuminous mixture made on the basis of wheat bran

It is a good source of digestible fiber.


Production of fodder for cattle.

Recommended norm of weight input of feed 6-8%.

  • high milk yield;
  • protection from the negative effects of acids;
  • intensive growth;

The use of Fodder albuminous mixture based on wheat bran in the production of feed for cattle in shortage of feed throughout the winter improves metabolism, increases milk production and muscle growth mass.

The product contains vitamins A, E and vitamins of group B, sulfur, manganese, phosphorus, cuprum, zinc and iodine, and other micro and macro elements necessary for the body of the animal.

Qualitative indicators:
The name of parameters Limit rates Actual parameters
Mass fraction of a moisture,
% no more
13.0 12.0
Mass fraction of a crude protein
(in terms of absolutely dry substance),
%, not less
35.0 46.4
Mass fraction of crude ash,
% no more
5.0 3.5
Mass fraction of ash insoluble in hydrochloric acid,
,% no more
1.5 0.6
Mass fraction of crude fiber,
% no more
12.0 9.0
The content of impurities metallomagnetic:
particle size up to 1 mm inclusive, mg/kg,
no more
25.0 4.5

Goods are shipped in polypropylene bags of 30-35 kg, big bags until 1000 kg, as well as paper bags of 30 kg, on pallets.

Storage life is 6 months from date of manufacture.

The product does not contain GMO.

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