Dried spent grains

The mission of the company is the production of high-quality and low-cost feed additive and mixed fodder for agricultural animals, birds, fish and fur animals.

Dried spent grains

Spent grains are high-quality fodder. By protein content it is close to beans, and in contains more starch than offals.

It is mainly used as additive to cattle, birds and pigs fodder. Dried spent grains are also added to feed-stuff for horses, rabbits, sheep, and fish.

Spent grains has a lot of advantages

  • A lot of high-quality protein, which has low fissility in rumen.
  • Contains as much energy as concentrated fodder.
  • High in natural active substances.
  • Increases the consumption of basic feed.
  • Is a balancing feed.
  • Dietary feed.
  • Useful for health.
  • It decreases the economic dependency of the agriculture enterprises on grain purchase volumes and prices.

Dried spent grains can be used both for animals and birds. Feeding it to egg-laying chickens increases their egg production. Being added to broiler feed, dried spent grains increase meat yield.

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