Feedingstaffs yeast GOST 20083-74

The mission of the company is the production of high-quality and low-cost feed additive and mixed fodder for agricultural animals, birds, fish and fur animals.

Feedingstaffs yeast GOST 20083-74

Biologically complete feed, a source of feed protein and minerals.


Additive to the stock diet of all agriculture animals, birds and fish.

Норма ввода в корме:
  • cattle 0.6-5%;
  • birds 0.2-1.5%;
  • pigs 1.0-4%;
  • horses 1.0-12%;
  • rabbits 0.2-2%;
  • fur-bearing animals 0.4-3%;
  • fish 4-8%;
  • nutria 0.1-0.8%.

The yeast increases the gain on weight, decreases the amount of general feed per weight gain unit, as well as the duration of fattening, it also increases milking capacity, resistance to diseases and improve the general state of health of the animals.

Indicator name Maximum limits Actual values
Appearance Powder, scales or pellets

Odor Typical for yeast, no foreign odors Typical, no foreign odors
Color Light-yellow to brown yellow
Moisture weight content, % max 10.0 9.6
Crude protein weight content (as absolutely dry substance), % min 43.0 44.0
Protein weight content, Barnstein test (as absolutely dry substance), % min 32.0 32.0
Metal foreign matter: particles up to 2 mm in 1 kg of yeast, mg max 30.0 0.6
Producer living cells Not allowed No
Total bacterial number, tous. cells in 1g of yeast, max 150 less than 10
Toxicity Not allowed non-toxic
Ash weight content (as absolutely dry substance), % min 10.0 6.0

The product is supplied in polypropylene bags 30-35 kg, big bags up to 1000 kg as well as in paper bags up to 30 kg, on pallets.

Shelf life: 6 months after production.

The product contains no GMO.

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